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Current Research Team Members

Julie Markant - Lab Director

Dr. Julie Markant is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Tulane University. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Child Psychology from the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota. Prior to coming to Tulane, Julie completed post-doctoral training in the Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences at Brown University. 

As a developmental cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Markant uses a convergent methods approach to investigate the mechanisms driving attention-memory interactions across development. Her research has used behavioral, eye tracking, genetics, and functional MRI methods to examine 1) the role of selective attention in promoting memory encoding during development, 2) the neural mechanisms underlying attention - memory interactions, and 3) biological correlates of individual differences in attention and learning in infancy.


Jill King - Graduate Student

Jill is a fifth year Neuroscience Ph.D. student from Baton Rouge, LA. She received her BS in Biological Sciences and in Psychology from LSU in 2016. During her undergraduate training, she conducted research at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge as part of the Biomedical Imaging Department. As a PhD student, she is interested in understanding how cognitive functions develop in early childhood, and how development intersects with neuroscience across the lifespan. Jill is currently running a study that examines how children (ages 3-5) learn from science based lessons in the presence of varying levels of distraction.


Brianna Keenan- Graduate Student

Brianna is a fourth year Developmental Psychology PhD student from Tampa, Florida. She received her B.S in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Florida in 2017, where she studied infant face processing using eye-tracking and EEG methods. Brianna is interested in the reciprocal relationship between attention and learning, and how daily experiences influence cognitive development. She is currently recruiting participants for studies examining how infants (6- and 11-month olds) allocate attention to own- and other- race faces, and how reward learning affects visual attention in infancy (8-10-month olds).


Sydney Greenlee- Research Assistant

Sydney Greenlee is a senior at Tulane University from the Bay Area, studying Neuroscience and Mathematics. Sydney joined Dr. Markant’s lab in the summer of 2019 to explore her curiosity in neural mechanisms and brain development, while also applying her love for math by performing data analysis. Outside of the lab, Sydney enjoys working with children through tutoring and volunteering with Angels’ place, a charity for children with life threatening diseases. She also enjoys listening to live music and playing volleyball. After graduation, she plans to attend medical school with a focus in neurology. 

Ellie Young- Research Assistant

Ellie is a senior at Tulane from San Carlos, California.  She is pursuing a degree in Neuroscience, and a minor in Public Health.  Ellie was drawn to the Learning and Brain Development Lab by her interest in neuroscience and love of working with children.  Ellie has worked at Tulane's Academic Learning and Tutoring Center since 2018, and is active in the Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity.  After Tulane, Ellie hopes to attend medical school and ultimately work as a pediatrician.

Savannah McNair- Research Assistant

Savannah is a junior at Tulane University seeking a degree in both Neuroscience and Psychology. Savannah was raised in East Tennessee, but spent her last two years of high school studying at an international school in San José, Costa Rica. Savannah’s curiosity about the cognitive processes behind learning and memory led her to undertake a lab assistant position at Dr. Markant’s Learning and Development Lab. She is excited to broaden her understanding and passion for Neuroscience and Psychology through her work in the lab, as well as gaining concrete research skills. Outside of class, Savannah is a member of the Tulane Neuroscience Association as well as the Women in Science organization on campus, and volunteers for the Best Buddies International Organization that aims to serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Additionally, she loves to play soccer, and is an adamant believer in the positive impact of time spent in nature. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree at Tulane, she intends to go on to acquire a PhD in Neuroscience, with the goal of eventually working in neuroscience research as a career. 

Daisy Ellis- Research Assistant

Daisy is a junior at Tulane University majoring in both public health and childhood education and psychology with a minor in math. She is particularly interested in maternal-child relationships and the influence of the environment on learning. This and her love of working with children led her to Dr. Markant's lab, where she is excited to broaden her understanding of psychology and the research process. In her free time, Daisy sings in the TU Tones a capella group. She also volunteers with Circle K club and Early Learning Focus at after school centers around New Orleans. She is from Boulder, Colorado.

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students


Claire Noonan, PhD

As the first doctoral student in the Learning and Brain Development Lab, Claire earned her PhD in School Psychology from Tulane University in 2020. She earned her BA in Biological Sciences from Columbia University in 2009 and her MS in Developmental Psychology from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2014. Her research interests center around face processing and early social skills during the first year of life, especially to inform prevention, early identification and treatment in the context of maladaptive development. Claire completed her pre-doctoral clinical psychology internship in Infant Mental Health at the University of Denver Internship Consortium through the Mental Health Center of Denver. Following graduation, she will be a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Irving Harris Program in Child Development and Infant Mental Health at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. Her career goals include carrying out clinical work and research with early childhood populations. She will forever cherish her time as a member of the Learning and Brain Development Lab.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Mary Snellings Inabnett

Jessica Davis

Emilee Saxon

Kimberly Cortez

Jacqueline Kandalaft

Rachel Aber

Caitlin Strozewski

Maya Vasishth

Christina Attia

Dara Tucker

Honors Students

Julia Nauman

Leah Vaidya

Kaitlyn Tholen

Monica Heller

Matt Coleman

Alyssa Cruse

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