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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Our lab and research investigates attention and memory throughout life, and how selective attention impacts and develops in individuals. The LBD was started in 2015 by Dr. Julie Markant and is affiliated with the Department of Psychology at Tulane University. 
  • We currently have multiple studies with different age groups in progress. Take a look at our research page to see if you are eligible for any of our current studies! If you are not currently eligible for any studies, consider filling out a contact form because new studies begin frequently!
  • Yes! We take participant privacy very seriously and follow careful procedures to insure that your information will be confidential.
  • Infants and young children learn so much about the world so quickly! The goal of our studies is to understand how infants, children, and adults pay attention to the world around them. With your participation, we are able to understand how attention and learning typically work together and shape development.
  • When the studies are completed, we share everything we publish on the publications page and social media!
  • We also share our study findings via our biannual email newsletter.
  • Eye tracking: No, there are no risks associated with the eye tracker. It is a high tech camera embedded into the computer screen that sees where your child is looking at on the screen!

  • fNIRS: No, there are no risks associated with the fNIRS. It’s a high-tech cap connected to a computer display that uses light and sensors to measure brain activity.

  • No! There is no commitment to participate if you complete a contact form. If you give your information, we will contact you with more information about studies you or your children may be eligible for.

  • We schedule all appointments at your convenience. We know families’ schedules get busy. We’re typically open 9-5 Monday through Friday, but we can also often schedule evenings and weekends depending on the researchers’ availability.
  • Yes! We have research assistants who can play with your other children during your child’s study visit. If possible, we ask that you let us know beforehand that you will be bringing other children so we can ensure we have adequate staff available.
  • Infants: Yes, our studies are designed to keep babies with their parents throughout the entire appointment. Your baby will either sit in a high chair with you behind them or they’ll sit on your lap during the task.
  • Children: That is up to you and your child! You’re more than welcome to come into the test room while your child is doing the task. You’re also free to stay out in our waiting room and work on paperwork.
  • One time infant visits: You and your baby will receive a small gift or $10 gift card as a thank you for participating.
  • Longitudinal studies: You can receive up to $100 and a small gift for completing all these visits.
  • Adult visits: Payment varies by study. Please reach out to us for more information about the compensation the study you are participating in.
  • Most of our studies take place off-campus at 200 Broadway St., Suite 213, in Uptown, New Orleans (near Audubon Park). This is a fifteen minute walk from from Tulane and has a large parking lot with plenty of free parking!
  • Several adult studies take place at the Tulane Downtown Campus. These studies are held in the Tulane Medical School at 1430 Tulane Ave. Please contact us if you have any confusion about where your study takes place!


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