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COVID-19 Safety

For in-person studies we are implementing new safety procedures to ensure the health and safety of our participants and research staff

Face Mask Requirement

Researchers, participants, and accompanying individuals will be required to wear face masks. If you do not have one, we will provide one for you.


We will be sanitizing the lab space, offices, and waiting areas before and after each visit.

Even the toys in the waiting area!

Symptom Screening

We will be utilizing a symptom screener that will be emailed to you before you arrive!

Minimal Time in Waiting Rooms

Our researchers will meet you in the parking lot to reduce the amount of time spent in the waiting areas. You will be able to email or call us from the parking lot when you have arrived.

Reduced Accompanying Persons

Reducing the amount of people in our space helps us to ensure the safety of our participants and researchers. We are limiting the amount of people who can come to the testing session. Our testing room is a small space, so we may ask that any additional persons who attend remain in the waiting area. We can arrange to have another researcher stay with your child’s siblings during the session if needed.

Researcher Vaccination & Testing

Tulane University requires our research staff to be vaccinated and tested on a regular basis